The rise of the buying agent

If sellers have agents, why can’t buyers?

Paying for someone to do the legwork for you, taking on greedy estate agents and fending off other buyers, was previously something only the rich could afford.

But lower fees and new commission structures have brought buying agents within reach of the whole market, giving many the chance to have their own personal Phil and Kirstie from Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location.

A buying agent’s role is to find suitable property based on their brief, ensuring finance is in place and that you’re ready to buy quickly and efficiently. The agent then conducts a search and shortlists properties. Chosen properties will be thoroughly researched to reveal any deficiencies that could affect the price. The buying agent will negotiate the sale, deal with all the administrative and legal aspects and ensure your move is a happy one.

But why pay for something you can do yourself? “Our competition is actually people doing it by themselves for free so fundamentally we have to add value,” says Darren Grant, founder of Agents4Buyers. 

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Phil Spencer’s Property Report

Are you sure you’ve found the right property?  However much you love a property, the surrounding area has a significant bearing on how enjoyable it is to live somewhere.  For this reason, Move iQ have partnered with a leading data provider to bring you all the important information you need for moving home with confidence. 

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Don’t give up! – Henry Pryor’s Blog

Buying a new home has the reputation for being as much fun as bereavement or relationship breakdown. Having to deal with huge amounts of money, people letting you down, having to do much of the work yourself and the nagging worry of Brexit or of a Corbyn-led government makes many people consider renting or just staying put.

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Who’s Darren?

ALRIGHT THAT’S NOT ME!  However, we are about the same age and if you really want me to send you my photo I will.

One of us has had years of property experience and gained a wealth of expert contacts.  The other is a Hollywood superstar who’s gained a great deal of wealth!

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Why use a buying agent?

Why more people are choosing to use buying agents

10 years ago, if you employed a buying agent to source your next home you’d likely be a film star, professional footballer, TV celebrity or seriously wealthy.

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Case Study

Quick fix: ‘I needed a home in a hurry, so went to a buyers’ agent.

Tina Matthews, 42, an HR director, wanted to move quickly as she had accepted an offer on her current home in Bristol: “I have a busy job and a short time frame, so I really felt that I needed help securing the right property. ”

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Estate Agency Service

We’re a small, family company, backed by the experience of a 35-years qualified chartered surveyor and offering high quality estate agency services at sensibly low fee charges.

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