Why use a buying agent?

Why more people are choosing to use buying agents

10 years ago, if you employed a buying agent to source your next home you’d likely be a film star, professional footballer, TV celebrity or seriously wealthy.

However, over the past few years an increasing number of ‘ordinary’ people have reaped the benefits of choosing a buying agent to find them a property.

We live in an era when most of us are strapped for that most precious commodity of all – time.

And this time poverty people are experiencing has led to the rise in the popularity of buying agents.

But what exactly does a buying agent do?

Darren Grant, founder of Agents4Buyers, explains. “I set up the company because I’ve worked in the property industry for more than 25 years and always thought it was strange that buyers had no one truly acting on their behalf.

“A traditional estate agent’s job is representing the interests of the seller, but the buyer is making what’s usually the biggest purchase of their lives and no-one is batting for them.

“My role as a buying agent involves sourcing suitable properties based on my buyer’s brief. I’ll discover the area they want to move to, the type of property they desire and what ‘must haves’ the property and neighbourhood needs to offer.

“For example, a recent project I worked on involved a Doctor who wanted to find a detached four-bedroom home in a specific area of Bristol. Her wish list included that it be less than a 30-minute drive from her surgery, had space for a home office and was in the catchment area for schools with outstanding Ofsted ratings.

“It was a challenge but using my network of contacts I found four properties within her budget to show her which all matched the criteria. I also researched the local schools and the potential commute.

“She loved a particular property but on my advice visited all four and made a successful offer on one and moved in with her family within three months.”

Darren’s services can extend beyond sourcing suitable properties.

As part of his concierge service he can also help with mortgages, handle negotiations with selling agents, liaise with solicitors and organise removal companies.

He added: “A good buying agent does a lot more than just find a few properties for a client to look at. They are there every step of the way and insulate the client from any hassle or stress involved which allows the buyer to continue with their life in the usual way.”

“There are two main reasons that buying agents have become so popular. The first is, as previously mentioned, time. People are so busy nowadays and by using my service they don’t have to rush through the search for a new property which can lead to errors being made.

“The second is money. I save buyers money by negotiating using my experience and business acumen. I identify the seller’s situation as this can often put my client in a stronger position during negotiations.

“I’m being contacted by a wide array of people looking for all kinds of property. From a couple seeking a three-bedroom semi-detached in the West Country to company directors wanting to expand their investment portfolio in central London.

“I have a network of buying agents I work with across the UK who all share the same ethical, expert approach which helps enormously. In most cases the savings in terms of time and money my clients make pays for my fee many times over making it an investment rather than a cost.”

Buying a property can be a stressful, overly costly and lonely experience, but that needn’t be the case – especially if you have an expert on your side.